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The hollow sphere for valves are made by steel coil welding structure. This is generally suitable for ball valves with a nominal pressure less than or equal to 5.0MPA (CLASS300). This kind of valve body is light in weight and the inner cavity is easy to process, but special attention should be paid to the arrangement of the ribs in the design to prevent the body cavity from deforming. The molten liquid metal during the surfacing process of the stainless steel sphere will flow freely. To ensure that the liquid metal in the molten pool is stable during the cooling and solidification process during the welding process, the liquid metal must always be kept in a horizontal state during welding. The spherical surface of the stainless steel ball valve is a complex spatial surface composed of spherical, cylindrical, and planar surfaces. During the welding process, the automatic surfacing machine must ensure that the welding gun can reach any point in space. The stainless steel ball valve automatic surfacing welding machine can highly automatically complete the surfacing of the stainless steel layer of the ball valve sphere on the carbon steel sphere on the surface of the complex space, especially the surfacing of the large stainless steel sphere, forming a technology with intellectual property rights. Automatic surfacing is a continuous large-area surfacing process, and the quality of multi-layer and multi-pass welding must be guaranteed. Determine the correct welding material and welding process, meet the relevant technical requirements, and ensure the formation of a solid, compact, defect-free stainless steel surfacing layer on the carbon steel substrate. Keywords of Hollow Sphere for Valves: Hollow balls, hollow valve balls manufacturer, hollow valve balls, pipe welded valve balls, three way hollow valve balls, L-port hollow valve balls, T-port hollow valve balls, china hollow valve balls. Specification Size: 1”-20” ( DN25mm~500mm) Pressure Rating: Class 150 (PN6~20) Materials: all kinds of stainless steel pipes or steel. Surface: Polishing. Roundness: 0.01-0.02 Roughness: Ra0.2-Ra0.4 Concentricity: 0.05 Processing Steps 1: Ball Blanks 2: PMI test 3: Rough Machining 4: Inspection 5: Finish Machining 6: Inspection 7: Polishing 8: Final Inspection 9: Marking 10: Packing & Logistics Applications: Xinzhan hollow valve balls are used in various ball valves which are used in the fields of water treatment, heating pipe system, etc. Major Markets: Russia, South Korea, Canada, United Kingdom, Poland, Denmark, Germany, Finland, Czech Republic, Spain, Italy, Brazil, United States, etc. Packaging & Shipment For small size valve balls: blister box, plastic paper, paper carton, plywood wooden box. For big size valve balls: bubble bag, paper carton, plywood wooden box. Shipment: by sea, by air, by train, etc. Payment: By T/T, L/C. Advantages: - Sample orders or small trail orders can be optional - Advanced facilities - Good production management system - Strong technical Team - Reasonable & cost-effective price prices - Prompt delivery time - Good after-sales service

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