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New Wesite of XINZHAN VALVE BALL is officially launched!

Dear customers,

New Wesite of XINZHAN VALVE BALL is officially launched! We will be very grateful to get valuable suggestions for our webmasters from all visitors. We will update the latest products and news updates at any time, including the progress of customer orders.

Xinzhan is a professional valve balls manufacturing enterprise integrating design, production, sales and service, providing first-class products for domestic and foreign customers. Xinzhan specializes in producing various types of valve balls: floating valve balls, fixed valve balls, three-way valve balls, four-way valve balls, V-shaped adjustment valve balls, special valve balls for hard sealed ball valves, and various regular billiard balls and steel plates welded valve balls by using argon Arc welding. The ball blanks are forged, cast and steel plate coil welded. In addition to the standard production of the above valve balls specifications, it can also be produced according to customers’special requirements. 

We value the perfection of the surface of the product and pursue the exquisite details. Each process and each ball will be strictly checked and precisely tested to ensure that high-quality products are delivered to each customer. We have always focused on strengthening team building and management. In the production, sales, after-sales and other departments, we have set up a dedicated team to solve various questions for customers. Our efficient elite team is a strong guarantee for our continuous development and growth.

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